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Large hotel chainsglobal media platformsairlines, and leading retail brands are just some examples of companies that have suffered from hacks and digital attacks in recent years. Attackers have also been targeting business leaders, with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account being hacked last summer, and consumers globally through phishing scams and email vulnerabilities. With digital attacks growing in size and frequency and costing businesses $150M per attack on average, cyber security has become a key strategic priority for public and private organisations, opening a window of opportunity for companies developing innovative cyber security solutions. At Dutch Security TechFund  cyber security is the most important investment segment and we proudly support several cybersecurity companies and companies active in IoT security.

In 2019, KPN Ventures presented its research about the cyber security investment landscape in Europe and for 2020 they  wanted to see how the Dutch cyber security investment landscape was evolving. To do so they performed a joint analysis together with The Hague Security Delta, Dutch Security TechFund and KPN Security. In order to deliver an objective analysis they used Dealroom as a source for deals, which shall probably be not exhaustive, and added input from the above mentioned stakeholders.

In this article you will get an overview of the recent investment landscape and the makers lay out their outlook for the sector in 2021 and beyond. The recap is captured in this presentation.


Read the article: Article Cybersecurity landscape 2020.pdf