Meet the Team

The team consists of investment professionals with different backgrounds and skills. This enables us to give all relevant support to teams of portfolio companies and to act in the interest of all our investors. Support is given to all our funds and co-investments. We decide ourselves which investments we do, but before that we consult our Investment Committee (appointed on behalf of the investors) on separate deals , investments and exits.

We have a high ambition in selecting and scouting only the best tech innovators and entrepreneurs in this industry. But this is not enough! We are also dedicated to help and assist teams with vision and certain capabilities. Together we are strong, but in this industry specialism is key. We therefore selected a Supervisory Board which supports and supervise  the team and is informed about investments and exits. We also installed an Advisory Board which supply the team with valuable advice and insights regarding (Cyber) security products and services and their view on the market.

Meet the Supervisory Board

Fundmanagement is supervised by a Supervisory Board (‘Raad van Toezicht’). Members of the Supervisory Board control and supervise the fundmanagement and take care for the continuity of the fundmanagement if an event occurs. The board is not responsible for investments and exits of portfolio companies.

The composition of the Supervisory Board is diverse and balanced with specific expertise and knowledge on the field of compliance and legal, innovation and (cyber)tech and entrpreneurship and investing.

Meet the Investment Committee

Fundmanagement is supported by an Investment Committee, consisting of representatives of some investors in the fund.

The main task of the Investment Committee is giving advice, if and when asked, on Investment Proposals, Investments and Divestments (‘Exits’).

Meet the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board supports the team and portfolio companies if and when asked. The members of this board act together or individually depending on the industry topic. It enables the team to formulate target verticals in (Cyber) security when looking for new investments and to check with industry specialists if proposed investments are promising.

The composition of the Advisory Board is diverse and represents different expertises related to (Cyber) security, such as Cybertrends and  Markets, SOC’s, Threat Intelligence, Cybersecurity training and – strategy, Managed Security Services. Education in Cyberstrategy and Sales and Entrepreneurship in Cybersecurity markets.